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  • Confused by the technology?
  • Overwhelmed by the different tactics and strategies?
  • Sick of your efforts being "hit and miss"?
  • No idea where and  how to get started?
  • Are you struggling to attract customers online?
  • Does the whole thing make your brain hurt?

If you are an allied health professional, coach or other wellness practitioner wanting to book more appointments, you know that marketing your services online is crucial.

You may have dipped your tippy toes in the "online marketing waters" before with mixed results. A blog article here, a facebook post there, perhaps an eBook or a (sporadic) newsletter. All with no or very little result. 

No sooner have you learned how to use social ads, the next thing you know, all that is out the window as a new secret algorithm changes everything.

Ugh! Where do you even start?

Online Marketing for Health Professionals

  • A 45-day step-by-step roadmap to building an automated online marketing system
    that produces a consistent flow of highly targeted leads for your health or wellness business.
  • Go from creating your plan to an automated marketing system that is up and running in 45 days or less.  
  • A repeatable system that works 24/7 with minimal day to day involvement from you.  
  • Attract and convert health services consumers and coaching clients who are actively searching
    for the services you provide.  
  • Achieve realistic and meaningful client acquisition goals  
  • Maximise your income and billable hours by putting your marketing on autopilot.  
  • A 6 week, easy to follow, step by step learning program  
  • A complete end-to-end online marketing implementation plan to get you generating leads
    and filling your appointment book.  
  • Never be bamboozled by “the experts” again. You will come away with
    a clear understanding of how online marketing works.  
  • Eliminate the peaks and troughs in your business and create a reliable income stream

Your learning roadmap

6 course step stone2.png

Have a look at what you will learn in each module

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Module 1: Set Your Goals

In this module, I will give you an overview of how today's educated health services consumers shop and we explore the proven methodology that will let you attract and convert them. After that, we are going to dive right in and you will start by setting realistic customer target goals (as in how many new customers do you need to sign up in a given period).  

I will help you set those goals step-by-step and you will receive a template that does all the calculations for you. So don't worry if you don't have a "head for numbers" :-).


You will have a set of meaning full goals around:
  • new customer sign ups
  • lead generation
  • and web traffic 

Module 2: Discover Your Ideal Customer

In module two you are going to take a deep dive into who your ideal customer is. No boring marketing demographics here though. We are going to describe your customer in human terms. What are their goals, what keeps them up at night, where do they go for information etc

You will build up a crystal clear profile of who your ideal customer is and how to attract, engage and convert him or her. 

This is a fun exercise that will have you chomping at the bits to move on to Module 3. 


You will have a detailed ideal customer profile. No more "spray and pray".


Module 3: Attract Your Ideal Customer

Here you will learn about marketing funnels what they are and why you need them. You will see examples of funnels that work especially well for providers of health services.

This is all about attracting your ideal customer to you. You will find out how to create content for your website and your social media channels. Think blogs, eBooks, Lead Magnets.  No idea what I'm talking about? This module is going to step you through it.

You will begin to map out your own high converting marketing funnel. 


You will understand what a marketing funnel is, how it works and will have outlined your own funnel. Additionally you will have the beginnings of a lead magnet and will have started to create a content calendar. 


Module 4: Turn Anonymous Visitors into Known Leads

So what if you have thousands of visitors to your website every month? If you don't know how to turn them into customers, it is meaningless. 

So in this module you are going to take the first step to do just that. 

You're going to learn how to design a highly positive customer experience. An experience that will have your ideal customer happily opting in to your email list. They will value what you offer and want to hear more from you.

This is a crucial way to build trust and laying the foundations for establishing a loyal client base. 


You've created the process that converts web visitors into leads and are now ready to start building an email list.  


Module 5: Turning leads in to paying customers

In the previous module you have learned how to engage and build trust, laying the foundations for a loyal client base.

In Module 5 you will learn how to guide your leads to a purchase decision without pressuring them or being "salesy". 

If you do this the right way you will convert more of your leads into customers and they become your best referrers.

Happy loyal customers are the best marketing channel you can have. Before you know it you are on the way to generating valuable word of mouth business and referrals. 


You have created a series of emails.  The content of these emails is carefully constructed around fostering trust and gently nurturing your leads to buying your services. 

Module 6: Plan and activate your campaign

By now you have created everything that you need to put your plan in action. So by the end of this step your marketing system is up and running. 

In this step we are going to organise your campaign assets and load them up and get ready to push the "go live" button.

You will finalise your landing page, upload your lead magnet and set up your email sequence with your chosen email provider. There will be video tutorials whereby I step you through things screen by screen so you can follow along. 


You have set up an automated marketing system complete with email nurture sequence.

By now you also understand the "ins and outs" of creating regular blog post and how to promote your content via social media channels. 

You are ready to put your marketing system in action. 


Hi. I'm Wendy Coombes

"My goal in creating online marketing for health professionals was to share with you the strategies that I have successfully used and continue to use for my consulting clients. I will share with you the cornerstones of what I know delivers the greatest results, wrapped into a straightforward but powerful method." 

Upon completion of my course you will have:
  • An automated marketing system that is up and running and works 24/7 to attract and convert your ideal client.
  • An email marketing sytem that "automatigically" triggers each time a new person opts in to your email list.
  • A comprehensive online campaign plan that includes a content and social media calendar.
  • The skills you need to use affordable marketing apps

Have your automated marketing system up and running and working for you 24/7.
All within 45 days.

You will learn how to

  • use proven online marketing methods to attract, convert and close health customers while being helpful, human and holistic.
  • set meaningful and achievable patient acquisition goals
  • market your services to digital savvy health services consumers
  • create your ideal buyer persona
  • convert anonymous site visitors into valuable leads for your business
  • build a marketing funnel
  • use social media to increase your reach
  • create high converting content like blog posts, eBooks, landing pages and email copy.
  • use email marketing to nurture clients who are not yet ready to book an appointment
  • how and when to use marketing apps that don’t require tech or marketing skills. 
  • plan your online marketing campaign
  • measure and optimise results
  • turn happy customers into your promoters and stimulate word of mouth.

What's Included

✔ 6 Video Modules (3 - 4 lessons each)

✔ Step-by-Step Tutorials

✔ Content Calendar and Project Plan

✔ Cheat Sheets and Templates

✔ Video walk-through on how to use apps

✔ Email Flows and Sequences

+ Plus Two Great Bonuses +

Private Facebook Group and Live Q&A's


The Marketing Health Facebook Group is specifically set up for all students of HEALTH MARKETING FOUNDATIONS

You will have my support as well as that of your peers as they are going through the same course with you. It's a great way to seek and give feedback, exchange ideas, make valuable connections and enjoy the company of like-minded professionals.

The group is also where I will be hosting live Q&A’s on a regular, ongoing basis. This is your opportunity to get answers on any questions you may have. 






Personal Review and Feedback of your plan


On completion of your the course you have the opportunity to send me your coursework and plan for my review. I will have a good look at it and, where appropriate, offer suggestions as to how you can improve your plan or optimise it for the best possible results. 

This will give you peace of mind and give you the best chance to hit the road running and start generating leads and bookings. 

What Others Have to Say...

"I knew I needed help in targeting my ideal client more effectively. Wendy stepped me through the process and I now have an online marketing campaign that is ready to go."


Maureen Callister

Wellness Coach

"Wendy helped us create a highly relevant online strategy which has built our reach online. We quickly increased traffic to our site and started to generate quality leads for our business. "

sutton headshot

Prof Gerard Sutton

Ophthalmic Surgeon

"I wanted to understand the steps to set up an effective sales funnel. Wendy showed me how to use my existing content to create lead magnets. I now feel confident to put my marketing strategy into action."


Jane Jackson

Career Coach

Be the first to get access to the course when it launches

Online Marketing for Health Professionals is currently being beta tested by a small group of health professionals. We are aiming for a January 2019 launch. To be the first to know when exactly the course launches, leave us your name and email address here and we will be in touch as soon the launch date is published.

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I know you have questions...

How many hours will I need to spend to complete the course work.

Online Marketing for Health Professionals is a self-paced course.

The moment you register for the course, you'll gain instant access to all 6 modules. So you can get started immediately and at the pace that works best for you. 

As a guide, you should plan 2 to 3 hours per week to complete the course within 45 days. 

But don't fret if you simply don't have that time available. You will have lifetime access to the course. So even if you take it a bit easier and you should still be able to finalise it in less than 60 days. 


What if I don't yet have a website?

Online Marketing for Health Professionals will be a much better fit for you if you do have a website and a blog set up business. As part of the course you will learn how to get in the habit of  creating consistent content (a blog). 

So I would recommend you get your website and blog set up as a first step and as soon as you have that done, sign up and you can get hit the ground running in maximising the effectiveness of your new website. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course. 

Must I absolutely finish the course in 45 days?

Absolutely not. You have lifetime access to the course so you can take the course at your own pace. Take as long as you like. That said, I would recommend you set yourself a goal of 60 days at the maximum to get through all of the course content. 

The sooner you get through it, the sooner you will start to reap the benefits.

Must I have an existing email list for this course?

No you don't. Online Marketing for Health Professionals is going to show you how to start building one. So whether you have list already or you have absolutely nothing, it does not matter. 

You are going to learn how to build your list, the right way from the ground up.

I have no marketing or technical expertise. Does that matter?

Online Marketing for Health Professionals was created for people who have no technical or marketing expertise. I firmly believe you should not have to be a tech or marketing nerd in order market your business online. 

That said there is no getting around some automation and techie stuff. So for anything that is even vaguely technical there is a video tutorial that will step you through it. 

I promise you however that anyone can do this without having to ever touch a line of code.